Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas at Harmony Hill by Ann H Gabhart

This book was a combination Shaker story and Civil War story.  Loved the combo and the characters.  The story about Heather, a washerwoman for the Union Army, for which her husband is fighting, tells how she followed the soldiers so that she would not be separated from him during this time.  As her time to deliver a child approaches, she realized she must return home only to be sent away by her father, a Confederate who resents her supporting the "other" side.

As she finds herself in the Shaker village, lots of interesting things occur, which I won't write about.  However, I love a historical novel, a Christmas story and those about people that I know very little about, but through this book have gained some new insights into a totally different cultural and religious group.  I found it an interesting read, and look forward to reading more from this author.

The only thing that I noted was that the end wrapped up rather quickly, perhaps otherwise that would have made it just a bit better.  But I would recommend this book for readers that enjoy historical novels.

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