Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Child of Mine by David and Beverly Lewis

A book of surprises!  I started this book about a week and a half ago and finished it today.  It was just over 400 pages.  And unlike some reviewers, I have a full-time job and not as much time to read.  I do most of my reading on the commute to and from work!

I started this book and it didn't grab me instantly like most of Beverly Lewis' book have in the past.  But the characters were developing and I was getting to know all about them.  As I continued to read it began to reel me in and then I was hooked. 

In this story Jack Livingston is a single flight instructor who finds himself taking the responsibility of his adopted niece, Natalie after the death of both her parents.  Jack engages the help of Amish Laura as a nannie who really cares for her.

In another scene we find a young mother looking for her child, Emily that was kidnapped as an infant.  She goes to great lengths to be able to find her daughter.  As the clues lead her to Natalie, she comes to meet and determine whether this is her daughter. 

They meet and the story develops and proceeds with many twists and unexpected events, leaving Jack and Kelly in an emotional drama.

The story is very sweet and heartwarming and the characters are endearing.  The more pages I read, the more involved I became in the book!  A very wonderful read!

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