Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Where Healing Blooms, Vannetta Chapman

Emma is a widow who lives with Mary Ann, her mother-in-law.  Mary Ann has a beautiful garden that she lovingly tends. Emma tries to find a purpose in life now that her children are grown.  She learns that a runaway Amish boy has been hiding in her barn.  She tries to know how she can help him at this troubled time of his life.  She leaves food and hopes that he will feel that he can trust her to help him.  She also is asked by the bishop to house an abused Amish woman and her two children.  They find a safe refuge at Emma’s and begin to work together. 
Emma begins to find some meaning to her life and purpose, as well.

Her old friend, Danny, has returned home after many years absence.  She had once hoped that they would marry, but Danny had disappointed her by moving away to pursue his life’s plans leaving Emma alone and to marry another.  Emma feels she is too old now to find love again in her life.

Mary Ann’s garden holds a secret which she reveals to Emma and Danny that may just change both of their lives. 
This story will touch your heart.  Author Vannetta Chapman shares how gardens can help you find peace, faith, endurance, hope and healing.  I loved this inspiring novella.
I received a copy of this novella from the publisher for my honest review. I have received no monetary compensation.


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