Sunday, December 31, 2017

Under Pressure Buried Alive and Other Ordinary Miracles by Paul Joseph Brennan

This was definitely not similar to any book that I have read before.  The story of Paul Brennan in his own words, shows a person can emerge from a hard life and one of some really serious adversity and make a better life despite trials and tribulations. 

It was written in a completely different style then I would normally expect and was pretty fast paced and didn't have too much, if any, "down-time".  I was able to read it in about 2 hours time.

It is about a man who found Christianity and a religion that helped him  realize that God was there for him in all those hard spots in life and that all things are meant to make us stronger and more able to deal with what life throws at us if we maintain our faith even when things are tough.

Good book and great autobiography.

I received a free copy of this book and posted my honest review.  All thoughts are my own.

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