Sunday, December 10, 2017

Coyote's Revenge, Book 1 of Defending America by Vannetta Chapman

This book takes your breath away!  No lie or exaggeration here!  It's filled with suspense of something that you pray won't happen, but certainly could happen. 

There isn't a single dull moment and I found myself reading every chance that I could. The plot is so real. In this book you wonder who can be trusted and who is on the same side.

This book holds you captive till the last page.  This book revolves around Aiden, an undercover agent, whose life is one of danger and intrigue. Somehow, a young innocent woman finds herself entwined in a terrorist's web and life takes a sudden turn for the worse.

You will love this book of suspense, mystery, intrigue and some romance. 

I will be reading book 2, no doubt!

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