Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Promise For Miriam by Vannetta Chapman

This book was such a good read!  I was the lucky winner of this excellent book and hope that you will take the time to read this also.  You can find Vannetta's link here. 
Vannetta has written many Amish fiction books and her latest is Murder, Simply Brewed.  This is from her Amish Village Mystery series.

Published in 2012, A Promise for Miriam is about a 26 year-old Amish woman, a teacher in the Amish community school.  She loves teaching and those that she teaches.  This heartwarming story is about Gabriel Miller who moves to Cashton, Wisconsin from his former home in Indiana.  He finds himself in a much more conservative order than what he is accustomed to, yet a warm, friendly and helpful community.

Gabe is a widower with an eight year-old daughter, who has not spoken since the death of her mother.  He and his daughter, Grace, meet the school teacher, Miriam where Grace begins to attend school.  Gabe is somewhat taken aback when Miriam tries to encourage Grace to try to speak again.  He feels this might be too difficult and informs Miriam of this fact causing some friction between them. 

Because of the frightening incidents that occur, Gabe softens both towards Miriam and to the new community he has come to love and depend upon. 

This book shares the importance of healing, friendship, community spirit, and love towards your fellow man.  As their little community becomes involved in situations, both important to the Englisch and the Amish, Gabe plays an important role in matters of a civic nature.  It is good to read how, even though there are differences in the Amish and Englisch, teamwork and community efforts can work out for all involved.

A Promise for Miriam is a warm and cozy read that will leave you wanting to read the rest of the series of The Pebble Creek Amish books by Vannetta Chapman. 

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