Friday, March 28, 2014

Rocky Mountain Romance by Lesley Ann McDonald

This novel was a fun read.  Not too long and a nice Christian romance novel.  This story is about a young woman, Sheila Macintosh, who leaves her L.A. job for vacation to be there as her friend Courtney has her first baby.  She almost doesn't make it with pressing assignments that need doing at her job.  She recalls her last visit in Montana at Courtney's wedding.  Here is where she met Courtney's brother, Ben, and a new romance begins.  But just as things are getting underway a misunderstanding ends what appears to have been a budding romance.  She leaves sad and unhappy that she could have trusted him.

Now as she finds herself returning, she feels the feelings she had for Ben are still there.  But she no longer has the trust that she had before and doesn't encourage a relationship to start. 

On the other side of the picture, Ben is very much smitten with Sheila.  But he is shy and has a difficult time opening up. 

The book is a fun read and a quick one.  The characters are warm and fun to read about.  I enjoyed this book. 

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