Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Shepherd's Bride by Patricia Davids

This book is a part of the Love Inspired book category of Harlequin books.  And is in the Brides of Amish Country Series.

Carl King is shunned by his Amish community.  He no longer feels he will be able to fit in and be able to make restitution for doing something which is, in his eyes, an unpardonable sin.  As a shepherd, he finds refuge helping an Amish man in another community.  He is now dressed as an Englishman and while helping Joe shearing and working with his flocks.

Lizzie Barkman, appears on the scene looking for help from her grandfather, Joe, yet finding that he has no intention to forgive the mother of Lizzie, his daughter who did not abide by his requests earlier in her life.

Lizzie is hoping to find refuge for herself and sisters who were being raised by an uncle whose plans for them are not in their best interests. 

This story is a very sweet read.  She finds herself very attracted to Carl, who being under the bann is off limits. She is determined to do all she can for her family, whatever it takes.

I enjoyed reading this so much.  I hope to read many more books written by this author!

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