Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Home For Lydia by Vannetta Chapman

I love reading Vannetta's books.  And this one didn't disappoint, nor did I expect it to.  In fact, my mom read it before I did, and then I lent her another book from another author.  I asked her what she thought of the "other" book.  Her response, "I like the books your friend, Vannetta writes, much better!"

This books begins with Aaron Troyer going to Wisconsin to take care of some cabins that are in disrepair after the death of his uncle.  He comes to fix them up, make sure that the property is in good order before he returns home to Indiana.  After all, he's a farmer and he doesn't really care for this type of work. 

He comes only to find things are worse than he had expected after flooding Pebble Creek causes a lot of problems on the property.  He definitely sees that his work is cut out for him for a while.  The only employee is Lydia, who is worried about the cabins because this is her family's only source of income.  She is worried with no visitor's there will be no job for her.  With a sick father and other family members to care about she feels the pressure of heavy responsibilities falling to her. 

She and Aaron don't really see eye to eye on some of Aaron's plans to improve the cabins.  But she does her best as an employee.  Just when things are going well with the cabins, serious problems occur causing both concern and financial losses.  The community rallies around them in support, as is Amish custom, but still problems continue. 

All the while Lydia misses the home she once had that is no longer theirs due to her father's bad health.  The tiny home they live in is very small but home, none-the-less.

The community they live in is supportive and loving and the characters from other books in the series maintain strong parts in the lives of Lydia's family as well as Aaron.

I enjoyed reading about Lydia's mother saying that friendship was about more than supporting each other on Sundays.  It was about carrying each other's burdens all week long. It was about praying for one another and working beside one another.  Good motherly advice for all of us.

This book is filled with a little romance, a little suspense and mystery.
Vannetta has such a wonderful way of reminding us how much we all need one another, to be friends with, to love, to cherish.  And how important our family as well as our community is to each of us.  You will love this book! 

You can snag a copy of this book at this link.  You can also read more about Vannetta Chapman at her blog. 

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