Sunday, August 10, 2014

Leaving Lancaster by Kate Lloyd

I have done it again, read the books out of order.  This is book 1 in this series by Kate Lloyd.  This is one that I received free for Kindle at  However, that was a while ago and it is no longer free.  Here is the link to where it is available.  I tend to grab the books when they are free and read them when I have the time, which is the case here.  However, it was so good, that I regretted putting this off for so long.

My review:  Esther and Samuel were two Amish youth wanting to experience the English world.  They were sure this was what was important for them.  After Samuel had to fight in Vietnam, Esther gave birth to Holly.  Samuel does not return and is MIA and eventually pronounced dead.  Holly grows up not knowing her father or her Amish roots.

Esther feels the need to return to Lancaster and to her family, but will they be able to forgive her, especially because Samuel's death can be connected to their wanting to leave and her influence in their leaving.  She and now grown-up Holly, return, thinking it might just be a short visit.  But as the story unfolds, many little secrets, new relatives and the peace of being home, extend their stay. 

This story was really a good read.  I enjoyed the characters very much and could see how it would be hard to return after having caused a big family and community rift.  The feelings of guilt and loneliness for family were also evident here.  I loved it, and have read the remaining books of the series and recommend them all.  Kate is a great writer.  One of the few books I have read lately, where I didn't pick up on lots of editing errors, typos, etc. 

You can find Kate's blog at the link below!

Kate's blog
Kate is clearly one of my favorite authors!

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