Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Book Report!

Last night as I was in bed trying to sleep and couldn't, I recalled my years in elementary school as I would have to write a book report after every book I read.  All of the class had to do that.  For me, I enjoyed it.  For others, definitely, not so much.  I never had a problem getting my books read and reported.  I loved to read.  My friends also loved to read. 

And now I am many years older, and have revisited my love of book reading.  There were many years, I had not picked up so much as even one book, yet now, I am reading nearly everyday.  And guess what, doing a "book report" although it isn't even required!  I don't mind doing a review at all, if it gives someone else an idea of what they might like to read.  I am having fun doing it!

Although the subject matter has changed since the elementary years, the love is still there!

Have a nice Sunday!

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