Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sarah's Special Gift by Linda Weaver Clarke

Sarah's Special Gift was book 4 in the Bear Lake Family Saga series.  I really enjoyed it and it was a fun read for me since my daughter was also a dance teacher.  The difference though is the fact that Sarah has been deaf since contracting an illness.  As a result, it is truly a gift that she is such a wonderful dancer, not being able to even hear the music.

As she meets David, their lives become entwined and at the beginning he has no idea that she can't hear as she speaks well.

I love how the characters of the earlier books are carried through into this book and you can see how their lives developed through time.  I look forward to the next book!  This series is wonderful and very enjoyable for all ages of readers.

Here is the link to grab a copy for yourself!

Disclosure:  I received an ebook from the author for my honest review which I have given.

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