Monday, December 19, 2016

The Amish Princess by Patrick E. Craig

Powerful. Captivating. Tragic. Emotion-filled. Awesome.

I can't find enough words to completely describe this book.  From the very beginning it grabs you and never lets you go.  I started last night, then had to work today so I couldn't read, then I finished it tonight.  Every spare minute, it totally consumed me.

It was such an interesting, emotionally packed historical account of life in the early 1700s.  You almost felt as though you were there totally experiencing what was going on.  The Indian raids and battles, the times when God's hand intervened.  It was all there.  

The characters were so well portrayed and each personality was strong in its own way.  They were people that experienced many heartaches and trials.  

There were some very heartbreaking tragic scenes which were well written but sometimes graphic in detail.  However, I really enjoyed this book and these scenes were necessary to bring across the message of what was occuring and the historical trials that were being endured.

Looks like lots of research went into the book, including the sail ship Charming Nancy, the passenger list of which I, myself, have studied while doing genealogical work for a client.

I highly recommend this very amazing book.  

I also did a little checking and found an interview with Patrick on a blog by Liz Tolsma.  You can find the interview here.  It will give you more insight on how this amazing book came to be.

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