Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Newcomer by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Book Blurb: 

In 1737, Anna Konig and her fellow church members stagger off a small wooden ship after ten weeks at sea, eager to start a new life in the vibrant but raw Pennsylvania frontier. On the docks of Port Philadelphia waits bishop Jacob Bauer, founder of the settlement and father to ship carpenter Bairn. It's a time of new beginnings for the reunited Bauer family, and for Anna and Bairn's shipboard romance to blossom.

But this perfect moment cannot last. As Bairn grasps the reality of what it means to be Amish in the New World--isolated, rigid with expectations, under the thumb of his domineering father--his enthusiasm evaporates. When a sea captain offers the chance to cross the ocean one more time, Bairn grabs it. Just one more crossing, he promises Anna. But will she wait for him?

When Henrik Newman joins the church just as it makes its way to the frontier, Anna is torn. He seems to be everything Bairn is not--bold, devoted, and delighted to vie for her heart. And the most dramatic difference? He is here; Bairn is not.

Far from the frontier, an unexpected turn of events weaves together the lives of Bairn, Anna, and Henrik. When a secret is revealed, which true love will emerge?

My Thoughts:

I loved it!  It was so good.  I had already read book 1 and this is book 2 in the Amish Beginning series.  It was all I had hoped for and more!  The blurb says all that should be said about the book itself.  I loved the characters in the story and having been an immigrant myself, although in much better times, I could really find myself in their situations.  The book was wonderful!  

Suzanne Woods Fisher has clearly done some very good and thorough research on this book, what with the dialects, customs and details of the time period and the culture of this group of immigrant people.

I can see that it can still continue and that there is a book 3.  I will definitely be reading it.  I know any reader of Amish books will love this book.  I highly recommend it!

I received an ebook copy of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.  All thoughts are my own.

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  1. Hi Sonja! My first review of "Newcomer!" Thank you, thank you...for taking the time to read it and consider it thoughtfully...and give it your thumbs up! So grateful for you. Plus...didn't know you were an immigrant! Would love to hear more. XO Suzanne PS Happy New Year!