Monday, January 2, 2017

Death Finds a Way by Lorine McGinnis Schuzle

I have been following along on Lorine McGinnis Schulze's genealogy blog because I am a professional genealogist and when I saw her contest for her genealogy related mystery book I had to enter and I won the book!

As I read this I knew exactly the building that she described because I am employed there.  I thought of the "alley" she describes because it is at this alley where I often find myself walking.  It will give me a new more cautious perspective!

I really enjoyed her book, the genealogy steps she used and wrote about made total sense to me and the case that developed also made total sense.  Although I don't specialize in forensic genealogy, the steps and methodology are similar and necessary.  So the genealogy aspect of the book will interest and intrigue genealogists for certain.

I also enjoy a good mystery and this one kept me wondering as she presented a historical scenario and a modern day scenario in her book and it was interesting to see how they end up in the big picture.

I think I will definitely be watching out for more mysteries from this author!

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