Monday, February 19, 2018

Phoebe's Light by Suzanne Woods Fisher

This was a really refreshing read by Suzanne Woods Fisher!  So different and very enthralling.  It was hard to put this one down.

I think I also learned some new historical facts from this book.  I learned many things about the Quakers of Nantucket.  It was a bit mysterious and very engaging as a result.

Reading through an old journal of her Great Mary who lived over 100 years before her, was a part of the book, as Phoebe's ancestor told her story, it becomes a bit mysterious and a blessing to Phoebe in many ways.

It wasn't all "happy" because she has some trials to overcome and many hardships.

This is a very good book and I am sure that you will want to read this one!  It grabbed me from page 1!

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  1. Thank you, Sonja, for pointing out the history of Quakers and Nantucket in "Phoebe's Light!" It's always a tricky balance...weaving history in without sounding like a textbook. And glad you liked the journal, too! Grateful for you, Sonja. Warmly, Suzanne