Thursday, June 21, 2018

A Love For Leah by Amy Lillard

This is book 2 of this series by Amy Lillard.  In this story, Jamie Stolzfus moves from his home with his nephew in order to start a new life away from the memories. His nephew, Peter, has been involved with a tragedy and is no longer able to speak, . 

Jamie is Amish and meets Mennonite Leah.  But this is a relationship that is not to be.  They don't get along at all and in fact there is a lot of controversy going on.  It's difficult for Leah to deal with Jamie's very strict Amish lifestyle.  Leah is a free thinker and full of energy.

The story is a captivating one and it's hard to put the book down.  It's a great read and I know you will enjoy this one!

I received a copy of this book from the author.  All thoughts are my own.

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