Thursday, January 17, 2019

Jenny's Choice Patrick E. Craig Apple Creek Dreams Series

There aren’t too many books that I absolutely can’t put down to do other needed things, but this was one.  I loved Jenny’s Choice and can tell you that this book is so enthralling that you won’t want to reach the end.  You want to keep reading.  Patrick’s book has totally touched my heart and caused some tears to come to my eyes as I went through this touching book.  The characters were well described and each of the main characters were strong examples of good Christians wanting to do what was right in their faith. 

Jenny and Jonathan Herschberger and their daughter Rachel are a happy Amish family in Paradise, Pennsylvania.  Jonathan takes a trip to see his parents and the tragic outcome causes Jenny and Rachel to continue life without Jonathan in their lives.

To bring solace to her life and with the encouragement of her parents, Jenny begins to express her feelings through her gift of writing.  She writes of her Amish life and her trials and joys.  Her writing talents are discovered by a handsome and caring publisher who finds himself falling in love with her.  Challenges come to her as opposition from the Lancaster bishop makes her writing seem worldly and wrong.  The bishop and her father do not agree on things which causes more unsettling problems in Jenny’s life.   Reuben, Jenny’s father, is a man of strong character who I felt was a wonderful support to Jenny throughout the trials she faces.

Jenny wonders if she should make a life with publisher Jeremy King but is not sure what God’s plan for her life is.  Even after many prayers, it seems the answer is not easily forthcoming.

Jenny experiences more loss and grieving and returns to her old home to begin anew.  It is here that decisions in her life need to be made. Will she marry Jeremy and leave the Amish church or stay alone and remain a faithful Amish woman who raises her daughter in the faith.  The decisions and results of her move home are a definite sign that God has watched over her and had plans for her.  Her life as a writer continues to bring her fame which is not the style of the Amish.  Will this pull her away from her Amish community? Or bring her closer to the path God wants her to follow.

A heartwarming conclusion leaves you wishing the book would never end.  I give this a definite 5 stars!  A wonderful read!
I received a copy of this book from the author.  All thoughts are my own.

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