Friday, January 18, 2019

Seasons of an Amish Garden by Amy Clipston

The book includes four continuous novellas by Amy Clipston.  A group of young people hoping to make a remembrance for a deceased community member and his widow, take on a project of a garden and baked goods stand.  The profits from which will go to the homeless shelter near by. 

Their goals are very worthwhile as they work together to tend the garden, work at the stand and purchase supplies as needed.  As they work on the garden with love and caring, you can also see a similitude of how it represented their lives and how they must nuture their relationships with others as they would a garden.  I really loved the inner meanings of the stories and how each was woven together in love and kindness, just as they cared for their garden.

I felt this was a very inspirational book and really enjoyed it as well as the happy feelings it shared.

I received an ebook copy from NetGalley.  All thoughts are my own.

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