Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Road Home by Patrick E. Craig

Heartwarming.  Heart wrenching.  This book has it all.  An unlikely match, a 1960's hippie type and an Amish girl meet and feel God's hand in their futures.  Both come with baggage and issues, but they are led by a power greater than their own.

This book has all the feels.  Yes, I read it in one day.  Practically did nothing else.  It was that good.  I have to admit, this author is becoming one of my favorite Amish authors.  There were so many places in this book that I found where the quotations were so mark worthy.  Things I ould want to refer back to again at a later time.

This is book 2 of the Apple Creek Dreams series.  I read book one just recently and in this book, Jenny, is grown up and trying to find her birth family but her Amish adoptive father will not approve.  The storyline of the Rose of Sharon Quilt literally ties the two books together.

I had a special connection to this book as I am a professional genealogist, a topic which comes out in this book.  I know the feelings of wanting to find your biological family, as I was recently able to do this myself in 2018 after a 40 year search.  I know the need and the desire to know where you really belong and who you really are.

This book was a treasure!

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