Monday, February 4, 2019

Immigrant Bride Collection by Irene B. Brand, Krysty Dykes, Nancy J. Farrier, Pamela Griffin, JoAnn A. Grote, Judith Mccoy Miller, Janet Spaeth

This was a collection of 9 novellas regarding immigrant brides from various countries and with different time periods.  It was enjoyable and a fun to read.  I had one little thing that bothered me a bit throughout the story, that was the use of German words and phrases, incorrectly written.  Being a native German, the fact that nouns were not capitalized and the translations were not correct, bothered me as I read it.  I sort of felt that perhaps that could have been better researched and perhaps the help of someone with knowledge of the language would have taken care of those issues. 

Other than that the stories were sweet, clean and entertaining. 

I received an ebook copy from NetGalley.  All thoughts are my own.

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