Monday, June 3, 2019

Claws for Concern by Miranda James

I am a retired specialized librarian and so thought I would give this book a try.  I like libraries, obviously and I like a good mystery. 

This was a fun read that I picked up for my mother at the local library.  She liked it and so I read it too.  It was a fun read and apparently book 9 in the A Cat in the Stacks Mystery series. 

I liked it.  The beginning might have been a little slow for me but then it became interesting.  And I enjoyed the mystery and the resolve to the case.  It was good reading as a stand alone, although as I mentioned it was a book in a large mystery series.

Because there was no picture of the author, I researched it on the net and here is the info on the author: .  I'm the type that needs to know whose writing I am reading.  And this was a new author for me.

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