Monday, October 22, 2018

Defending Christmas by Carol Ross (12 Days of Heartwarming Christmas)

This story was about two opposite personalities, a lawyer and a private investigator.  They don't appear to be getting along to well, yet perhaps there is something they aren't seeing.  Working together didn't always work out.  There were challenges.

I enjoyed this delightful Christmas season book, part of a series of Christmas books.  It definitely gets you in a happy Christmas mood.  There is romance, mystery and is heartwarming, through and through!

I received an ebook copy from the author.  All thoughts are my own.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Courting Her Secret Heart by Mary Davis

Although this is the second book of this series called Prodigal Daughters mini series, it is the first that I have read.  And it is also the first I've read from this author.  I really liked it a lot!  The storyline was new and fresh and the characters were very heartlwarming.  I had no idea that it was book two, so makes an excellent stand-alone.  I was never confused by anything in the book.  It was clearly written and the author developed the characters very well!

As I read this, I could barely put it down.  There were several issues that were occuring in the book and it was great to see their faith bring it all together.

Publisher:  Harlequin

Friday, October 19, 2018

Never Past Hope by Janine Mendenhall

Mary Hope Adsley needs to find the truth about the man she is in love with.  He's in prison with rats and other bad situations and will be hung.  But she searches for the truth to save him from this horrible condition.

I had  a little harder time to get totally absorbed into this book for some reason.  Not sure why, but it was a good read and the story was clean and different.   I hadn't read the first book and perhaps that is why I was a bit lost in the beginning.  As I continued to read it, I was drawn into the lives of the characters and their trials.

All in all a good read and I enjoyed it.

I received an ebook copy from the author.  All thoughts are my own.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Brush With a Billionaire by Lorana Hoopes

Finding himself in Soda Spurs, Texas, billionaire Brent wants a change.  Brent meets Sam as she is the local auto mechanic.  Love how a women is in a commonly expected male occupation.  I like the contrast in the big city-little town experience. 

I love how this is a faith building story.  The characters were fun and I enjoyed their story.

I received an ebook copy from the author.  All thoughts are my own.

A Western Christmas Homecoming by Lynna Banning, Lauri Robinson, Kathryn Albright

This book was written by three authors and contains three different stories.  By different, I mean that they are not continuous, but each is unique.  I enjoyed the stories but the first was just a bit on the edgy side.  I prefer clean romances and it was a bit suggestive.  Just my personal preference.

The other stories were nice western historical romances and very enjoyable.  They were all based on a Christmas theme and I love reading Christmas stories.  They were very nice and enjoyable stories.

I received a copy of this book from one of the authors.  All thoughts are my own.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Dry Creek Daddy by Janet Tronstad

This was a very nice read.  Nothing complicated just an easy read about two people who had once cared for one another and due to unexpected events, gone their separate ways.  As they find repentence and healing, will they be able to mend the fences that were broken or find other ways?  Will their child find the healing that he needs?

A good story.  I enjoyed it!