Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Amish Christmas Joy by Patricia Davids

My first review on my new blog!  I had done reviews on different sites, GoodReads, Amazon and such but I had never done this on my own blog.  Since fiction reviews don't exactly match the other two of my blogs, my family and genealogy topics, I decided to start a third blog for just reviews of some of the books that I read.  So here goes!

I just completed Amish Christmas Joy today, a little after Christmas, but that's OK!  It was a very enjoyable book and is one of the Brides of Amish Country series.   It is a "Love Inspired" version of a Harlequin romance. 

Caleb Mast is a oil rigger and left his Amish community of Hope Springs, Ohio.  He left because of an accident which caused a young Amish woman to be injured and scarred by a car that supposedly he had driven.  Then after her recovery she and has named Caleb as the father of her child.  All this was too much for Caleb.  He left and became the "bad" son of Ike Mast.  Later in his new life as an Englischer he meets a woman Valerie.  After a relationship, Valerie leaves him and he goes on with his oil rigging job.  Later she returns and with an eight year-old daughter named Joy, a Down Syndrome girl born on Christmas Day.  She tells Caleb he is the father and then quickly leaves and Joy is left behind with the father she has never known. 

Caleb chooses to take Joy to his parents in Ohio where she would be raised Amish.  His intention is to leave her there for his parents to raise.  He promises Joy that he won't leave without telling her.  He settles her into the Amish school where Leah teaches the Amish children.  Will this arrangement work for Joy and will she be accepted by the children or teased as in her previous home in Texas? 

Caleb finds growing feelings for Leah but she is the sister of Rhonda, the young Amish woman that Caleb was accused of hurting in the car accident.  She is also married to Caleb's brother Wayne.  Rhonda and Wayne hold secrets in their hearts that tear at their relationship and cause a family rift with Caleb.  Will they resolve these problems? 

This book was very interesting, fast paced and enjoyable.  A very entertaining book and with enough mystery to keep your interest going! You can a copy at Amazon.com.

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