Sunday, January 26, 2014

Danger in Amish Country Anthology

A few days ago I finished reading the 3 part book Danger in Amish Country by authors Marta Perry, Diane Burke and Kit Wilkinson.  I will give a little synopsis on each one..

Fall from Grace by Marta Perry

In this story a young Amish girl witnesses a crime which greatly disturbs her, although at first no one is aware of what is troubling this child.  School teacher Sara Esch finds the reason for this and also becomes more acquainted with the girls father, Caleb King.  As they work to resolve what is going on in their little Amish community, they become close and they face danger together.  Its a quick read and grabs you right from the beginning.  I enjoyed it.  But didn't even realize at the beginning that I was ready three stories in one book.  I liked it and it kept me guessing as to what would happen next.  There was some nice mystery elements in it that I enjoyed.

Dangerous Homecoming by Diane Burke

This is my first time reading anything of this author.  The young widow, Katie Lapp's farm is threatened and she receives notes that cause fear to come into her life.  She wonders if the threats are from teens in their Rumspringa time.  Joshua Miller returns to her community just as trouble begins.  He was the friend of her husband and feels the need to help his good friend's widow.  He remembers his late friend, Jacob's poor choice of friends and wonders if some of them may be behind the problems that are happening to Katie and her farm.  With offers to buy her property from several people, she wonders if someone is trying to scare her off her property.  This was a very entertaining read and I read it in one sitting.

Return to Willow Trace by Kit Wilkinson

Lydia Stoltz is shocked to hear someone coming into your business.  This person from the past is bleeding and badly injured.  Joseph arrives to help her after a long absence.  Lydia and Joseph had been together prior to his leaving at his parents' request.  Without a word he leaves Lydia.  He writes to her but she never reads his letters.  After a series of accidents, the trail leads to a place which reminds them both of only bad memories.  The past has returned into their lives and they have to open up and realize that their feelings for one another are still there. 
This was another good read.  Again, with some unexpected twists and turns.

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