Sunday, January 19, 2014

Twice Loved by Wanda Brunstetter

All the previous books I have read which were written by Wanda Brunstetter have all been of the Amish genre and so I really didn't know what to expect when I read this book. It is a sweet and lovely story about hard times following WWII.
The characters in this book were Bev and Dan. Both had lost their mates through illness and war. It was a time when you relied on your faith and the Lord to get you through the rough times, the times of need and loneliness. Wanda's writings are very Christian and family oriented and this book was that. It is a quick read, took me about an hour but was very enjoyable.

Bev meets Dan after losing her job and finds herself in a toy shop that Dan's late wife had established. The toy shop, called Twice Loved, was a place for used toys and books. Many of these needed to have repairs and to be cleaned and renewed. Beverly takes the job opening at the toy store and although this was nothing like her previous job, does all she can to grow the little shop's business, decorate and sell the used toys, all why caring for her little daughter. She becomes closer to her employer, Dan, and their relationship grows. Their relationship grows through their common faith in God and their Christian ideals. As the store is renewed so is their hope in finding someone to share their lives with, which neither thought was possible before they met.

In this story, you see the kindness of others and the need for people to learn how to accept those kindnesses without taking offense but rather realize that these are God's blessings being poured upon us through the hands of those we come in contact with.
This story was very tender and I enjoyed reading it. At the end was a fun section with historical (wartime) recipes and a bit of historical information. For me, I could really relate to the wartime stories as it was a major part in the lives of my parents who survived prison camps and other wartime hardships. Knowing their sufferings brought this book into real perspective.

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