Sunday, January 19, 2014

An Amish Miracle

This book was actually 3 novellas, which each led you to the next one, so be sure to read them in order! It begins with Hope Bowman who has hidden a secret from her husband fearing that she would no longer be in his good graces. Having given away a son as a teenager as a result of a bad experience in her life, she fears she will be punished to never be able to bear another son. This story does work out well for her as she continues to pray and follow God's directions in her life. A true miracle happens as a result.
The second story is about Hope's best friend Rosa, a widow who is behind on her taxes with no means to take care of this problem. A bit of pride, perhaps makes her reluctant to get help from her Amish community. Her problems increase with a heartless neighbor whose dogs wreak havoc on her only means of support. She too, must learn to listen to God's guidance. Another wonderful story.
The last novella is Becky Byler, also from the same Amish community. She is overweight and feels little to no self esteem, yet others see much more to her then just the weight and see the real Becky. She begins to diet, almost to the extreme and feels now people like her better. But the man who loves her, has loved her for the true Becky that she has always been. Will she be able to realize this too, enough to realize her worth? Great story.


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