Sunday, September 21, 2014

The River by Beverly Lewis

I love all things Beverly Lewis.  Her book "The Bridesmaid" was the first Amish book that I had ever read as I took a long flight to Poland.  Before I left I thought I'd stop at Wal-Mart and pick up something to read.  And since that time, I have been reading and writing reviews.

I just finished reading The River.  I really enjoyed it.  I had won a Barnes and Noble gift card, and decided to spend it on the ebook for Nook.  I only have Nook on my laptop and my cell phone.  So I have been reading it from my phone.  Kind of strange for a Kindle Fire person, like me.  It was definitely a smaller screen, but the book had me so enthralled I totally ran my battery down fast!

Tilly and Ruth are two former Amish women, the first married with twins and the second her unmarried sister.  They are now living away from their former community and from their other family members.  Their brother contacts one of the sisters in hopes that they might come for their parents wedding anniversary.  After some discussion about why they don't want to go back, they finally decide that because of their father's failing health, it would be best to put their feelings aside and go home for the weekend.  They drive to their former community although there are definite family rifts causing the young woman to tread carefully.  The story unfolds and so do the  lives of the two young women.  Ruth is torn between an old beau and the newer beau in her new home.  The decisions are not easy to make as they extend their stay.  Feelings are sometimes hard to understand and reasons for Tilly and her father's unhappy relationship also come to light.

 It is a wonderful book with caring and love of family despite the human flaws and frailties that exist. Forgiveness and patience are also virtues that are woven into the pages of each of their lives as they try to overcome misunderstandings, feelings of guilt and remorse for things past.

I loved this book!  I had hoped it would never end.
You can find a copy at this link. And also here.

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