Friday, January 23, 2015

I just read a book that I recently won in a contest from Cara Putman, one of the three authors of this wonderful book.  I do mean wonderful!  Thanks so much Cara.  This was a treasure to read and I loved it.  I loved how the three novellas meshed so beautifully together to make one great book.

The Turner family is the featured family in this book.  the first story called White Christmas was written by Cara Putman.  These three stories all take place in the WWII time in the US.  Abigail Turner is home working at a candy store and the man she cared about was killed in the war.  So now, romance is not on her to do list.  She meets a young man, who needs her help.  She and her father help him and Abigail finds that this young man has wonderful qualities.  I won't tell what happens, you will just have to read this!

In the second part of the book we find Abigail's brother as the main male character.  The title of this story is I'll be Home for Christmas.  He runs into a little girl who instantly has major plans for Pete.  Which may not be the plans of her mother, who remembers Pete from days long gone.  Clearly he was not a good person in her mindset.  Again, you will want to read this part, too. And I won't be telling you anymore!

Part three is written my Tricia Goyer, an author of whose books I have greatly enjoyed in the past two years.  This story's main character is Meredith or Merry Turner. In "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" she is the sister of Pete and Abigail.   She chose to follow the nursing profession and in so doing, finds herself in the European theater during WWII.  As a nurse she helps the wounded soldiers and experiences death, pain and sorrow.  Yet no sorrow is a great to her soul as the young man she had met prior to this time, a young German man who returns to Germany to serve.  Meredith is so heartbroken and truly feels betrayed. Will the Lord help her mend her broken heart?

I loved this wonderful historical novel.  I have many personal stories of the War because of my German parents' experiences.  It was really a wonderful read and touched me deeply.  This is a must-read!  I love how the stories wrap around three beautiful Christmas carols!

The authors:

Cara Putman author of White Christmas

Sarah Sundin author of I'll be home for Christmas  
                                              Author Tricia Goyer author of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

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