Saturday, February 21, 2015

Harvest of Blessings by Charlotte Hubbard

Not just a pretty cover!  Truly this is a very nice read for all the Amish and Amish romance fans!.

It is a part of the Seasons of the Heart series and is a very sweet story of Nora Landwehr as she returns to her former Amish community in the hopes of reconciling with her family after a sad misunderstanding.  Her return brings her home to Willow Ridge in a flashy red car, divorced, short shorts and all things Englisch.  Yet her goal is to bridge the years of family separation, and repair the 16 years of damage that were done.  As she comes home and her presence is discovered, she feels some concerns as her goal is not quickly or happily received.  Her Dat is not planning on forgiving her of what he considers her sins and wrongdoings.

Whether she will be accepted back into her community is questionable, but now she has given up her past years and hopes to make her new home in Willow Ridge, having bought a large house and property.  How will she provide for herself and gain the trust and love of a daughter she gave up?

With the love and blessings of God, she works to reestablish the life she lost.  This is a really heartwarming story.  It grabbed me from the very start.  The characters are well developed and carry through from previous books of this series.  There is a wonderful set of recipes from the Sweet Seasons Bakery Cafe.  I would highly recommend this book.  I really loved reading it.

I received a copy of this print book from the publishers for my honest review, which I have given.

Author Charlotte Hubbard:  Charlotte Hubbard, a long time Missourian, draws upon her experiences in Jamesport, the largest Old Order Amish community west of the Mississippi, and writes of simpler times and a faith-based lifestyle in her Searsons of the Heart series.  Charlotte is a deacon, a dedicated church musician, and choir member.  Charlotte now lives with her family in Minnesota.  Visit her at
This book is available as of Feb. 24, 2015 at Amazon

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