Sunday, February 1, 2015

Plain Paradise by Beth Wiseman

In a word, I loved this.  It was a hopeful and uplifting inspirational book.  I thought I enjoyed the first book, but this one went above and beyond.

Linda has lived a happy Amish life, only to have her world turned upside down by Josie Dronberger, a woman who at age 17 gave Linda to an Amish couple for adoption.  Now Josie is facing her own health problems and wants to find her daughter.  She does, but Linda was never informed that she was not the natural child of Mary Ellen and Abe.  The shock takes the household in its grasp as Josie and Linda begin to try to know and understand one another's worlds.  

True feelings are shown by Mary Ellen who does not want to lose her faithful daughter to Englisch ways and worldliness.  

This is a heartfelt story of love, faith, prayer and trust in God at all times.  I am so glad I pulled this book from the bottom of my "to be read" pile!  It is so good.  A 5 star book!

Author Beth Wiseman

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