Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Plain Proposal by Beth Wiseman

I finished the whole book pretty fast because it was hard to tear myself away from the 3 books in the 1 Volume version.

Just as the others, I was very taken in by this book as well.  Beth Wiseman is a really enthralling author.  I will be reading lots of her books, no doubt about this.

In this story Englischer Shelby, whose parents have divorced, is required to live with her Amish relatives.  She is surprised at their living circumstances but finds herself growing fond of the warm family.  Although mother Rebecca seems to be a bit hesitant to have a trusting relationship with Shelby.  She is sure that Shelby will be a bad influence on her daughter, Miriam.

Both girls find themselves getting close and finding someone whom they both care about.  Miriam's Amish beau is keeping a secret from her and this secret could cause the end of their relationship.  As the stories continue, you witness the warmth of family, the forgiveness and the strength of the individuals and how they deal with problems they never foresaw.

This is a very interesting read.  I see the trust in God, family and friends and how they all work together for the good.

Loved this book!

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