Monday, May 4, 2015

Graceful Amish Christmas by Becca Fisher

This was another quick read on the way to and from work as my Kindle read me the story of  Grace,  and her husband as well as her quilt shop.

Grace feels obligated to work the quilt shop that at least two generations have been working.  The stress is killing her and isn't great for her marriage, either.  Her employee, Evelyn seems to be having similar problems plus even a few more.

As her mother asks her to find a job for a family member, Beth, who has found herself without a job, Grace hesitates, yet agrees, only to find that Beth is exactly what was needed to bring the business back to where it should be.

What does Grace want for Christmas?  Read the book to find out.  This book is about overcoming problems in life and learning to appreciate those of our family.

It was a short read and I finished it in maybe 1 hour or slightly more.  It was nice but not amazing.  A pleasant read and enjoyable, but not spectacular.  I would recommend it for a quick, light read.  About 4 stars.

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