Saturday, May 2, 2015

Whoopie Pie Betrayal-Book 2 The Whoopie Pie Juggler: An Amish of Lancaster County Saga Series by Rebecca Price

My first comment on this book is that the cover of book 2 doesn't look like the cover of the book I read, which is by this author.  The title is even different.  Yet this one is the one that comes up with The Whoopie Pie Juggler Book 2 on Amazon, so I am a bit confused.  If this cover is wrong, which the title would imply, I will happily remove it.   

The Story which I read is about Hannah, who has recently come to Lancaster County and makes delicious Whoopie Pies.  She is suddenly treated rudely by the locals and has no idea why.  Turns out that Grace, another Whoopie pie baker is as good or perhaps better, and the locals wanted a contest  to raise money for the local coffers and somehow thought she had said no to the challenge, although she had known nothing about it.  

She accepts the challenge, But that isn't the end of her troubles.  It's an interesting book and I enjoyed it, although there were some parts that moved a bit slow for me.  For the most part I thought it was a fun and a bit different Amish read.  

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