Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Protected by Vannetta Chapman

Protected is book 2 in the Jacob's family Series.

Erin Jacobs is a young woman that lives alone and takes calls to rescue animals in unusual predicaments and also as well as rescuing "unusual" animals.

This book grabbed me from page 1 as Erin receives a mysterious call in the middle of the night.  She was to come right away on a rescue mission.  This unusual rescue mission was about to change her life completely.

You will love this wonderful book.  Vannetta Chapman really has a winner here!  This touching and poignant book shows the wonderful sides of people, their warmth and love to one another.

There are many trials that Erin needs to overcome to be able to hold on to her dream and to fulfill the wishes of the mysterious night caller.

As Erin learns to trust others with herself and those she loves, her circle of love grows and she can now learn to deal with her past, as well as her future.  You will want to read this fast, because you can't put it down!  I just loved it!

Author Vannetta Chapman.  Here is a link to find Vannetta Chapman's latest book.

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