Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Generation Rising by Gerald N. Lund

It has been many years since I read Gerald N. Lund's book "The Undaunted" and his "Work and the Glory" series.  Too long of a wait.  I received this book as part of my Mother's Day gifts from my husband.  He knows I love to read and he knows that my background relates to the events that take place in this book.

Gerald Lund did a great job on this one.  It mixes historical fiction with historical fact.  I loved it.  He did a great deal of research for this one and being a German who deals with history and genealogy, it is very true to life.

Although the family that he depicted are fictional, the events that surrounded their lives was very factual and often very poignant and moving.
Hans Otto Eckhardt, a highly gifted son of a dairy farmer in Bavaria, has opportunities to receive a higher education and takes this chance to learn and experience what life has to offer.  Hans Otto is the only son of his parents as well as their last child.  His father is extremely proud of his accomplishments, but hopes that eventually Hans Otto will return to take over his dairy farm.  It was the expected thing to do.

But Hans Otto's personal road takes some very interesting, sometimes dangerous turns that his parents do not always wish for him.  The story starts in a time of peace and continues throughout the Great War.

An excellent book, one that will totally pull you in and keep you turning those pages and because it is a series, you will have to wait for Vol. 2.  I hope it won't be long!!!

Excellent book Gerald N. Lund!
Author:  Gerald N. Lund

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