Thursday, July 23, 2015

On a Summer Night by Diane Dean White

This was the second book of author Diane Dean White that I have read.  It was a very interesting read and I enjoyed it very much.

The story starts in the 60's, a time that I can relate to, and then jumps to the present and recalls a significant incident of the past which happened to Kate and Vanessa on a trip to Florida after their high school graduations.

This book has a little of everything, romance, mystery and it was also very inspiring, using scriptural references to express feelings of the characters as well as the author's, I believe.

After Kate reveals her secret, her entire life changes and she finds herself growing in many ways.

This story of faith and inspiration is a story of people working together, family, friends and community and with forgiveness as an underlying topic.  Very good story with unexpected events to keep you reading.  I think you will enjoy this book very much, as did I!  The book also took me back to my younger growing up years.  And some of the things written about in the book brought back some memories for me.  Things were definitely different in the 60's!

I was given a e-book copy of this book from the author for my honest review, which I have given.

Author Diane Dean White:

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  1. Diane Dean White is a great author. I've read all her books and anxiously await the release of her next novel, The Other Side of Heaven.