Saturday, October 31, 2015

Chapel Springs Cookbook by Ane Mulligan

So I am excited to write up a review on this cookbook that I received from the author.  I had won a book on a giveaway from this author.  However, it wasn't this book, it was a different one.  The other won't be available for about another month or so.  The author then sent this to me saying the other would come a bit later on.

I was too happy.  I love cookbooks and went through it quickly and spotted some great cooking ideas that I hope to be able to try soon.  There is a little note or anecdote with most recipes adding to the personal interest of this book.  Ane adds a little tongue in cheek recipe too on page 50 for Elephant Stew.  I am sure to try that one!

Can't wait to get off the computer and start cooking!  You can find her book here.

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