Sunday, October 25, 2015

Honor by Lyn Cote

I loved this book!  It was so good.  Out of necessity, Honor finds herself marrying deaf Samuel Cathwell, who is an artisan glass maker.  He is actually drawn to her as well, as out of necessity, yet he is not at all comfortable showing his feelings with her, due to his deafness.  His deafness was caused from a childhood fever.  Her necessity, due to her grandfather disinheriting her because of her strong feelings about slavery and abolition.  She is determined to free slaves, including those of her grandfather.

She and Samuel, his nephew Eli, and her maid, Royale, make a move west to start a new life.  The trials, adventures and events of their lives together begin to shape their lives into a way that Honor never expected to experience.

The dramatic historical events make you feel as though you too, are experiencing the feelings that Honor is feeling as well as being totally enthralled in this wonderful book.  Highly recommend this!  It's a 5+++  Lyn is an amazing author.  I will be watching for her books!

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