Saturday, October 10, 2015

Surprised by Hope by Rebekah Fisher

I was able to get this Kindle version free at some time in the past.  I notice it is now only free on Kindle Unlimited.

It is a story about a young Amish girl who was born with a crippling problem with her leg causing her to walk with a crutch and of course which limited her abilities to do things others could do effortlessly. The bone deformity causes her great deals of pain which she has learned to deal with patiently.  A chance at a corrective surgery leaves her knowing the chance for this is small, what with the major medical costs and so forth.

Getting to know Jeremiah is one of the joys that comes her way, but she doesn't feel confident due to her leg and the problems that it causes.  Jeremiah is clearly interested in her, but wants to travel and see things outside the Amish world they live in.

It is a sweet story of romance with faith and trust in God to help them find the paths that they should travel.  A Christian tale and with good values.  I enjoyed it very much.

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