Thursday, October 8, 2015

For Maria By Bruce Judisch

All I can say is, when I won the two books, Katia and For Maria, I had no idea what an amazing set of books I was getting.  There is no way to describe how much I enjoyed reading these two books.  So well written...  Having had a mom who, although not Jewish, grew up in what is now in today's Poland, and as the War approached and they fled, ended up in the camps in Southern Bohemia with situations that were horrifying there and along the way.

This story was the continuation of the book Katia.  As a young journalist captures the life of the Dudeks, and two young twin orphaned Jewish girls on paper, and their experiences during the War and the Children's Transports, she finds she has many secrets to discover, many family issues that were unexpected and finds twists and turns that bring her to realize that God has His hand in our lives and brings about things we would never have expected.  And that miracles do happen.

I was thoroughly engaged in this book.  The book was so captivating that I pretty much read it straight through.  I will definitely be reading more from this author.  Having heard many similar details growing up, I can say that Mr. Judisch has captured the events with great detail and a very clear understanding of the emotionally charged events that took place.  Great book and I highly recommend it!

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