Sunday, October 2, 2016

Bone Broth Breakthrough by Dr. Josh Axe

So for the last four months, I have been dealing with a knee that no longer worked as it should.  The pain was getting pretty intense and I had to make a decision, go to the doctor and get pain pills or the suggestion of knee surgery.  This was what I felt I was facing.  I decided neither sounded like a plan I wanted to follow unless it was absolutely my last resort.  So I went to the local health food store and spoke to a counselor about my problems.

She told me about several options and this was one that I wanted to try.  The product by Ancient Nutrition was called Bone Broth Protein.  It was a powder that could be mixed with water, juice, or mixed into foods.  As I read the label and glanced over the recipe book, I felt that this might be something that made sense.   She explained what she had heard back from many people that had tried it and most results were very positive.  I received the book free with the purchase of the product.

The book does inform you of how to make your own bone broth, which, when I find time, may try to do as well.  But for now in my busy life, the ready made product sounded like my first choice at this time.

The book had some very good sounding recipes that I thought I would like to try.  I am hoping that the benefits of the product will be beneficial to me and that I can avoid further problems with joints and cartilage.  The book also contains a daily plan, but because of work, maybe a bit problematic at times or will have to be a program changer of my current lifestyle, somewhat.  It will take some planning, but good health is worth it!  If the program works and the knee improves, I will let you all know in a future post!

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