Saturday, September 30, 2017

These Healing Hills by Ann H. Gabhart

I totally enjoyed this historical fiction novel by Ann H. Gabhart.  She is a very talented author and this book showed that clearly.

This book takes place after the ending of WWII.  Francine Howard awaits the return of her soldier but he has changed and found someone else.  Francine applied to the Frontier Nursing Service in the Appalachian Mountains with the "Mountain" people.  This change in her life serving as a nurse who "catches" babies, among the other needs of these people, finds a place to heal her heart as well as those she helps.  The job requires traveling to remote areas on horseback and taking risks to her own well-being.

Soldier Ben Locke returns to his mountain home in Kentucky after serving in the military.  As he meets Francine, their different backgrounds and cultural differences are many.  Yet, is there a possibility here?

This book was really interesting, and describes a lifestyle that is probably very different than what most people are accustomed to.  It was really enlightening to read about a culture I knew very little about.

I received an ebook copy of this book from NetGalley.  All thoughts are my own.

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