Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Wedding For Julia by Vannetta Chapman

It has actually been a little while since I read A Wedding for Julia, but now I am trying to recall things and reading a bit of it again so that I hopefully remember things correctly.  I do remember that I really enjoyed this book and that is why I wanted to write about it on my blog.
This book is part of a series of Amish books but was actually the first book of the series that I read.  I think that I might need to take some time to read books 1 and 2 because this one was so enjoyable to read.

The main character is Julia Beechy. Her mother, Ada, tells her that she has to marry or move from the family home when she passes.  Her mother Ada insists that the house be sold and that Julia moves back to Pennsylvania where relatives are still living. But Julia has lived in Pebble Creek her whole life and had hoped to realize a dream of opening a cafe. Because of her mother’s failing health, Julia is very concerned as to what direction her future will lead her.  This causes lots of stress and worry for Julia.  She is not sure how she will go about changing this situation that her mother unexpectedly caused.

Caleb Zook, who, like Julia, is also getting older than the expected marriage age of the Amish, suggests that they marry in order to help Julia out of this predicament.  But Julia is unsure whether she could marry someone she doesn’t love even though Caleb is a helpful man, and a very hard worker.  As they get to know one another, perhaps some feelings are being kindled that surprise both of them.

A horrible tornado comes to Pebble Creek like has not been seen in this area of Wisconsin in more than one hundred years.  The Amish people must now do what Amish people seem to do very well and that is to help their friends and neighbors and pray that all survive the terrible destruction.

The characters, Caleb and Julia seem to mesh together well as they work together after the storm.  The community comes together when the need is there, also.  As I read this book, I couldn’t put it down.  I am also grateful to authors such as Vannetta Chapmann who write books of a Christian nature that have good moral values, as well as guidelines for each of us on working together and building strong family relationships.  An excellent book!  I just loved it!  It's a wonderful story and well worth reading!

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