Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Calling by Suzanne Woods Fisher

It is funny, because I just started putting my thoughts down and looked to see what book number in the series this was, it's 2.  I haven't read 1 yet, but I just saw it on my "TBR" pile.  Wouldn't your know.  I guess I will have to go back and do some catching up!

I enjoyed the book very much but at first had a little harder time getting into the characters than I usually do. It could be exactly that I hadn't read book 1.  As it developed it became more interesting to me and enjoyable.  I have read many of Susanne's books and that includes her children's series, The Adventures of Lily Lapp.

Bethany Schrock had a bad courtship with an Amish man who betrays her and her family in dishonest business dealings.  As she tries to get beyond the feelings she has,  she starts to work for some elderly Amish sisters.  Their house is anything but typical Amish clean and orderly.  And Bethany finds a rather undaunting  surprise as she takes upon the job of preparing the house for future church services. 

A guest staying at the Inn, Geena, a youth pastor, manages to find a way to get Bethany's help with a project at the community soup kitchen.  Bethany is surprised that the elderly Amish sisters are involved here. 

She longs to know the reason that her mother left them when she was just small.  The fact that her father is divorced from her mother is so unlike Amish ways.  Because she has no mother, Bethany seems to really be drawn to Geena who reminds her to listen after she prays and to wait for those answers.  This is something new to Bethany, but something she has been lacking in her life, having that simple tool to get her through the hard times in life.

Bethany may not be your typical Amish woman.  She is spunky, ambitious and strong.  As she learns of secrets that have been hidden away for many years, she faces her fears and with the help of faith and prayers, she works to find the answers as to which direction her life should go.

I enjoyed the book very much.  A very good read!

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