Monday, February 17, 2014

Life With Lily Books by Suzanne Woods Fisher and Mary Ann Kinsinger

My granddaughter is reading the Life with Lily books and she loves them.  I have read the 3rd book in the series and agree that if I was a 9 year old girl I would be reading them as well!  She found a paragraph which she is pointing to and that applies to her life as well.

Often she and her brothers come to grandma and grandpa's house to sleep over.  We make a little "nest" as we have called it over the years by placing a pile of thick blankets on the floor next to our bed.  The kids sleep there when they come to visit.  When there is more then one grandkid, the "nest" is the coveted place to sleep and they have a little "discussion" as to who gets to sleep there.  Brecklyn was excited to read that Lily's grandparents do the exact same thing when she comes to visit.  Read the paragraph in the photo.  And guess what they call it?  A little nest!

I highly recommend these nice books for your daughters and granddaughters.  They are fun to read, even for grandmas!  And they are great ways for your girls to learn about other children, cultures and ways of life.

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