Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Christmas Visitor by Linda Byler

This was last year's Christmas book by Linda Byler.  Unfortunately, last year my to be read pile was very tall and I never got around to reading it.  So this year as the holiday season is approaching, I decided it was time to read this book.
The story is about Ruth, a young widow with six children.  Her youngest still a babe in arms, finds herself lonely and in need of help for herself and family.  She hates to burden her parents of the parents of her late husband, but prefers to be self-reliant in providing the needs of those who depend on her.
She comes in contact with a Amish man who has recently purchased a very large home and feelings seem to awaken in her heart.  Yet he is engaged to marry another making it necessary to suppress those stirrings.  And in her heart she feels that it is too early to have these feelings since the death of her husband.

As time passes and money runs out, she finds boxes of surprises outside her door, exactly when it seems she has no recourse other than to ask others for help.  Who is the mystery person leaving these wonderful gifts?  Is it her best friend or someone else in their community?  Perhaps an Englischer has provided them with means to continue.

As Christmas nears, she finds out who her benefactor is and will this bring changes to her life?

This is such a basic sweet and emjoyable book. It is simply written and brings a sweet Christmas spirit.  This book is available at this link.  I hope that you will have a chance to read this book which will share with you the true meaning of Christmas.

About the author;  Linda Byler grew up Amish and is still a member of the Amish faith.  She has authored three Amish series, Lizzie Searches for Love, Sadie's Montana, and Lancaster Burning.  I have read books in each of these series and can feel the true Amish spirit coming through.  You will enjoy all her books which are all very well written.

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