Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Plain Man by Mary Ellis

A Plain Man is a great story of forgiving oneself, even though God and others have already forgiven you.  This story struck a chord with me, because I myself know, that the hardest person for me to forgive, is also my own self.

Caleb Beachy went on his Rumspringa years and pretty much fell away from his safe Amish background.  His sister, Sarah, somehow manages to convince him to return to the fold.  He finds it hard to fit in to his old Amish ways and the adjustment isn't as easy or natural as he would have thought.

He reconnects with Josie Yoder, but the sins of his past haunt him and he doesn't know how she will respond to the truth and should he tell her all?  With his father serving as the Bishop of their Amish congregation, this adds to his difficulties as to how to again assimilate into his old lifestyle.

Will he be able to forgive himself and will he find the peace he is looking for in his life as he carries a permanent reminder of his past on his arm.

I felt there were many feelings that were well thought through and probably something that returning Amish would truly have to deal with.  Feelings of guilt and impurity as their culture would expect of them.

Will he find a way to restore himself in the good graces of God, family and himself or will he not be able to find the pathway home?

An excellent book which I hope you will all have an opportunity to read.  Mary Ellis captures the feelings of many prodigal children, I am certain!

Author Mary Ellis.  You can find her books at this link.

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