Saturday, October 25, 2014

Texas Wildflowers by Anita Higman

In July I was lucky to win a book called Marriage in Middlebury by Anita Higman.  It didn't arrive for quite a long while, so I found Anita on Facebook and messaged her that I hadn't received it and wondered if it had perhaps been lost in the mail.  In response, she wrote, that she wasn't sure what had happened but since it had been so long since the contest she would be sending two books, which I was happy about, for sure.  Texas Wildflowers was the second book that I received.

It was such a nice book.  It was a four-in-one collection about four sisters in the McBride family and how they met their significant other.

All four stories were written in first person, with the main character sharing her inner thoughts and I really enjoyed that.

The four Texas McBride sisters were Rosy, Lily, Violet and Heather.  Definitely fitting the Wildflower title.  Each story was unique and different than the others.  They were all sweet romances, and Christian all the way.  No need to worry about unexpected surprises.  Each story had a wonderful theme on personal improvement and striving to spread God's wisdom to help others.

I highly recommend this book and know I plan to read more from this author.

Author Anita Higman can be found at this link. 

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