Monday, November 10, 2014

An Amish Family Christmas by Marta Perry and Patricia Davids

I recently read this double Christmas novella book by Marta Perry and Patricia Davids.  I have read books from both of these authors and was delighted by these two stories, as well.

Heart of Christmas was Marta Perry's contribution and as all the books of Marta's that I have read, it was really enjoyable.  And a nice way to prepare for the holidays ahead.  

Susanna Miller, Amish school teacher for many years, has pretty much decided that she won't be marrying.  Toby Unger had been her beau who left her shortly before their wedding.  She had a very hard time reconciling with those feelings.  However, after years she finds that Toby's wife, mother of his two children has passed away.  His father, has also had an accident and needs Toby's help in his business.  Toby returns home to find that Susanna is the teacher of his children's Amish school.  His children, having suffered the trauma of their mother's death each face problems in adjusting, with his daughter becoming very shy and unresponsive and his son, William, becoming a troublemaker.

Toby briefs Susanna on his children's problems and she struggles to help them.  As the holidays approach, it is time to prepare for the yearly Christmas Program.  How will she cope with helping the children, seeing her former fiance and dealing with a harse school board member, Mr. Keim?

This book is very heartwarming.  I loved it!
Author Marta Perry

A Plain Holiday is Patricia David's portion of the book, and it too was a wonderful holiday read.

Sally Yoder left the Amish community during her Rumspringa time, but her heart is still with her people, her family, community and Amish ways.  She has always loved Ben Lapp, but she is a much different person, and has become strong as an individual, probably not the type of woman Ben would have in mind or find acceptable.

As a nanny for two Englischer children, grandchildren of an Amish woman who left the fold, she finds herself in her Amish community showing the children this area.  As she encounters Ben again, stirrings of her heart are still apparent and she tries to hold them back.

Ben plans a sleigh ride with the children and it is suggested that Sally go as well.  An unexpected snowstorm brings a challenge to all, and brings them under the same roof for the duration of the snowstorm.

Enjoyed this story very much!  These are absolutely wonderful authors.  Must reads for this holiday season!

Author Patricia Davids

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